Features that could bring down your property’s value

Inspiration :   21 - 06 - 21

At Andrew Lodge Estate Agents, we have experienced property prices increasing rapidly since the start of this year, with high buyer demand, vaccine optimism and stamp duty savings all key contributing factors to that growth.

Whilst it’s really crucial to look for features or improvements to boost your property’s price tag value before selling, it’s just as vital to know what elements can have a negative impact.

Here are some of the most off-putting features that may decrease a property’s value:*

1. Mould / damp (62%)
2. Pest infestation (57%)
3. Noisy neighbours (48%)
4. Unpleasant pet smells (37%)

5. Low shower pressure (28%)
6. Messy garden (28%)
7. Bad phone signal (24%)
8. Rude street name (14%)

Unsurprisingly, the presence of mould had the most significant influence on the value of a property, closely followed by insect issues and disruptive neighbours.

As these problems all affect a person’s standard of living, it’s understandable why they rank within the top three.

Whilst off-putting during a viewing, unpleasant smells, poor water pressure and an unmaintained garden by contrast are all factors that can be fixed at little to no effort.

With working from home becoming more popular for the UK’s workforce, having a strong phone and WIFI connection is key.

If you’d like to know how much your home is worth right now, and what it could be valued at with a little more TLC, book a market appraisal with our team today.

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