Five in-demand factors home buyers are now looking for

Inspiration :   21 - 06 - 21

Our Farnham property experts understand how working and spending more time at home has caused significant changes to people’s property needs.

More than a quarter of the UK’s renters and homeowners (26%) have found that their property needs have changed since the outbreak of COVID-19.*

What are the key changes likely to stay on the priority list now restrictions are easing?


Lockdown has caused a general desire for more space, meaning that many of us are seeking homes near public gardens or green areas.

Unsurprisingly, the demand for gardens has also increased by 74% worldwide, with UK buyers making it a top property feature to look out for.

Accessible Wi-Fi

Zoom and facetime have become the key to keeping in touch with loved ones, as well as playing an important role in remote working practices.

This means that having fast internet is essential for those looking to buy.

Natural lighting

Being confined to our homes throughout lockdown has given people a craving to create open, natural spaces inside.

Velux windows have increased in popularity due to the natural light and improved air quality they provide, whilst high ceilings also give a sense of greater space, and have seen higher search volumes of 15% over the pandemic. *

Home gyms

Lockdown has encouraged people to become more active in their spare time by taking up running and cycling where gyms have otherwise been forced to close.

Whilst sporting and leisure facilities have now opened up again, there’s still a hesitancy from some previous members about when it is safe to return, making a home gym a staple feature of any home to attract attention from buyers.


Having beautiful views is a big selling point, with balconies also increasingly more desirable now.

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