Looking For A Renovation Project?

Inspiration :   16 - 03 - 21

We regularly receive enquiries from house-hunters who are eager to find a Farnham property that needs some TLC. Some are searching for a small project, while others are happy to embark on a substantial amount of renovation work.

If you are planning to purchase a property that requires work, such as a period project or extension, our sales team will take the time to understand your wishes and will share property match details with you for consideration.

While the idea of a taking on a renovation project is exciting, feelings of apprehension may creep in as you consider costs, planning, and timeframes. Therefore, we recommend that you take the time to decide how much work you are willing to take on. Here are some factors for consideration:

It is important that you work out a suitable budget to cover the cost of any renovation work. While the work that is undertaken may well add value to the property in the long run, you don’t want to be caught out with unexpected costs that push you over budget. During a renovation project it is likely that you will need to cover the cost of work that you didn’t anticipate so it is important that your budget allows for any surprises. You will also need to consider covering the cost of fees throughout the project – will you be living on site or renting while work takes place?

While you may decide to do some of the work yourself, you should consider the cost of surveys, architects, builders, and other contractors.

Site Visit
Once you have found the property of your dreams, we recommend that you make a site visit with an independent building surveyor. While they will charge a fee for this service, they can provide valuable advice and a report detailing rough costs associated with the renovation work required.

Our team at Andrew Lodge Estate Agents will also be able to advise you on the renovation work you wish to undertake and whether it is likely to add value and not result in over-development. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed with the property purchase and make an offer. Once your offer has been accepted, it is worth investing in a full building survey from a qualified building surveyor as this will highlight any issues you may wish to discuss with the seller.

Architects and Contractors
If you are planning a large project such as an extension or complete remodelling, we recommend appointing an architect who can help to make your vision a reality. For projects requiring substantial budget, we also recommend that you invest in a quantity surveyor who will oversee your finances and ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible. These professionals will be able to assist with obtaining quotations from trusted building contractors and also advise on the planning and building regulations that you should be aware of. (find out more) 

Once you have worked through the various planning phases, building work will commence, and you will be able to see your project take shape. You should feel a great sense of achievement once the work is complete, and you can enjoy a home that you have created.