Farnham properties in high demand

Industry news :   22 - 08 - 21

Farnham property continues to be highly sought after and with the summer season well under way, the latest house price reports indicate high asking prices in the UK. So, why is the housing market so hot right now?

Available homes are in short supply

Some homeowners have had to delay their moving plans over the last 18 months, causing an imbalance of homes on offer compared to buyers, sparking competitive bidding wars and driving prices higher.

New construction was halted

Between 240,000 and 340,000 new homes are needed every year to keep up with demand.

A shortage in construction materials, as well as delays and lockdowns within the sector have resulted in fewer new homes being built since the emergence of the pandemic.

Even though construction of new build homes has recently reached a 21-year high, the market is still struggling to make up for lost time and meet the needs of new home buyers.*

Mortgage rates are at a record low

Product choice has reached the highest levels in 16 months, with competitive rates and as many as 4,512 new deals to pick from encouraging deal-savvy buyers to consider their next move.**

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Post-COVID race for space

After being stuck indoors for months, people are tired of seeing the same four walls.

Whilst many of us took to DIY renovations and projects to make our homes better suited, a significant number decided to look elsewhere altogether, wanting a bigger space with gardens and the room for a home office.

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*Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

**Financial Reporter