What you need to know when investing in a buy-to-let property

Inspiration :   28 - 04 - 21

Investing in a buy-to-let property is a dream that many of us will have at one point or another.

Property has always been a dependable investment option, with successful landlords able to set up their rentals to run like clockwork whilst benefitting from an additional source of income.

Before taking the first step, there are some key considerations to be aware of.

It takes time

As much as we would like to say otherwise, having a buy-to-let property doesn’t just happen overnight.

Just like starting a new business venture, there are rules and regulations you need to comply with to protect yourself and your property.

These components can take time to understand and navigate.

Know the area you’re planning to invest in

It’s important to do your research on the area before signing on the dotted line, such as speaking to local agents about seasonal trends and rental yield opportunities.

Is it a hotspot for rental demand? Are there any attractive amenities, universities or transport links nearby that would appeal to tenants?

Ensure you can afford a buy-to-let deposit

Whilst a standard home can be secured with as little as 5% of the price of the property, a buy-to-let investment is usually much higher.

The average deposit is 25% for a buy-to-let mortgage.

It’s also likely that your income will be evaluated, as you need to be earning at least £25,000 a year for most lenders.

Think about your target tenant

It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a tenant and consider what they would want from a property.

Being a flexible landlord is key to ensure that tenants stay for longer, which is always great news for a landlord as you can minimise on void periods and secure your rental income.

For guidance on how to start your buy-to-let journey, get in touch with our experienced team.