How Andrew Lodge Estate Agents Can Help Find The Right Buyer

Property tips :   15 - 07 - 21

Finding the right buyer can save you time, energy and disappointment. If your chain falls through due to your buyer’s financial readiness or uncertainties, you may lose out on other offers as well as the property you had intended to purchase.

Here are the top questions our team at Andrew Lodge would ask a buyer before submitting an offer.

Have they been pre-approved for a mortgage?

Being pre-approved for a mortgage means that a lender has already said their application will be accepted, speeding up the process significantly and reducing the risk of it falling through.

Do they have a home to sell?

Understanding your house buying chain is really valuable, as you’ll be able to anticipate any weak points that could lead to your sale and / or purchase from falling through.

Are they a first-time buyer?

First-time buyers are chain-free so the process of selling your home should be quicker.

However, be careful not to make assumptions. There may be other commitments such as a fixed term tenancy that prevents them from moving quickly, so always check when your buyer wants to complete.

What is their moving timeline?

We will ask whether they have a preferred timescale that they are looking to work towards, as this will help you to make an informed decision.

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