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Andi Lyons

April 26, 2017

Interior Trends For Your Home

If you are planning on sprucing up your home interior read on. We have taken some tips from the Daily Telegraph Lifestyle Editor. Here are some of our favourite trends and they may take your interest.

Cool Greys
It’s no longer grey outside, but it’s coming inside instead – the “new neutrals” palette of putty, pencil and charcoal is going nowhere. Greys are soothing on the eye, so they make a great base shade for rooms, on walls, floors, curtains and linens, and they suit both period and contemporary schemes.

Pastel Shades
“Pastel shades are a great way of adding a gentle touch of colour for spring,” according to Cathy Helsby at Earthborn paints. “While many of us think they’re offputtingly sugary, they can be quite subtle and pleasing, and will lift those muted greys.”

Honesty and Purity
A mood that retailers are calling “authenticity” or “honesty”: an unfussy, utilitarian style that emphasises the natural beauty of materials, particularly wood.

Create a feeling of openness with transparent surfaces and mirrors to bounce light around your room. Show off treasures from spring walks in glass display domes, or invest in a set of scatter mirrors for one wall, pictured.

Scandinavian Style
Still big news, this influence is all about carefully considered function and form, a sense of simplicity and restraint. Danish brand, Hay, is one to watch for cool-as-can-be cushions and throws.